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Serge Roy Photo Studios offers a world dedicated to the multidisciplinary photography.

Serge Roy Master Trusted Photographer for the commercial component and Geneviève Roy for the wedding and lifestyle component.


A photographer is someone who writes with light, draws the world with it's shadows to finally paint based on its story.

We offer a unique photographic experience which combines fantasy and reality.

Un photographe pour toutes les occasions!

Le maitre photographe professionnelle saura capter les détails qui vous caractérisent, rien n’est laissé au hasard. Tous les éléments sont soigneusement choisis et minutieusement agencés pour votre marriage, maternity, portrait much commercial what Event avec le talent d’un artiste photographe afin d’attirer l’attention sur votre projet cible.

L’importance d’un bon photographe

We are fortunate in our lives and image creators as a photographer, the great privilege to have this medium to bequeath a trace of ourselves. This is the essence of our mission. To me, photography is an intense moment, full of love and emotions frozen in time for eternity. It is part of the beauty of our being and the depth of our soul. Photography is fun to paint a story with light to transmit our experiences and what we have to base our guts

Votre photographe

Votre photographe de mariage avec un œil professionnel et discret saura grâce à un savoir-faire artistique remarquable, fera ressortir les photos de votre marriage, maternity, portrait much commercial what Event . Being photographed by Serge Roy, artist and photographer, is searching for more than just a cliché ... This is a unique photographic experience which combines dream and reality. His photographs, conducted in a cosy, warm and friendly atmosphere whether, in his studio, in nature or the location of your choice, only to bare all the emotion that reside within you. Lighting, an element he plays with masterfully, gives the still image, the essential touch that will permit your eyes to express your inner feelings, at the same time revealing your eternal soul.

Pourquoi choisir Serge Roy Le photographe professionnelle saura capter les détails qui vous caractérisent pendant votre mariage, maternité, portrait autant commercial que événementiel avec le talent d’un artiste photographe

Serge Roy is a certified master photographer, dynamic and multidisciplinary, specialized in the production of high end photography. His priority is to help each client, from the beginning to the end of each project, and, in a professional and friendly manner. He wants you to live a unique experience, simple and effective, where quality and service go hand in hand, by offering turnkey projects, or carried out in close collaboration with your team.

Serge Roy Photographer offers professional photos and offers full service photography for your projects :

Photographer | Portrait Photographer | Portraitist | Master Photographer | Wedding Photographer | Maternity Photographer | Commercial Photographer | Photographer Event | Aerial Photographer | Professional Photographer | Photography | Artist Photographer | Boudoir Photographer | Photographer.

Among the many places used by professional photographer to serve as the backdrop for pictures, everything is there to be an ideal backdrop for your photos :

Ottawa | Gatineau | Ottawa | Rockland | Hawkesbury | Laurentians | Mount- Trembling | Laval | Montreal | Kanata | Orleans | Nepean | Gloucester | Vanier | Wakefield and Destination Wedding in South.